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Service Rules
When service is made available by Snapping Shoals EMC, the member shall assume full responsibility for abiding by all rules and regulations, bylaws, and other policies which are or may be established by the Board of Directors.

Service Availability
Service will be considered available upon completion of the construction of the line and the installation of the transformer by Snapping Shoals EMC, the completion and inspection of the member’s wiring, and the connection and energizing of these facilities at the point of delivery.  If the member does not use the service, Snapping Shoals EMC may, after a period of six (6) months, remove the material and equipment which has been installed.  If such member desires service at a later date, Snapping Shoals EMC will require payment of the costs of removing and reinstalling such material and equipment.

Point of Delivery
Snapping Shoals EMC will construct and maintain the facilities required to provide service to the point of delivery.  The point of delivery is that point on the member’s premises, or other agreed point, where Snapping Shoals EMC connects its electric equipment or service conductors to the member’s service conductors or equipment.  All equipment and conductors on the load side shall belong to and be the responsibility of the member, except meters and metering equipment and any other equipment provided by Snapping Shoals EMC.  Snapping Shoals EMC will designate the locations of all metering equipment and points of delivery.

Member’s Liability
The member will indemnify, save harmless and defend Snapping Shoals EMC against all claims, demands, cost or expense for loss, damage or injury to persons or property in any manner directly or indirectly arising from, connected with, or growing out of the transmission or use of electrical current at or on the member’s side of the point of delivery.

Changes in Member’s Wiring and Equipment
Snapping Shoals EMC recommends that the member and/or owner of property allow only experienced and qualified electricians to make any change, alteration, addition or repair to any part of the member’s wiring or equipment.

Equipment owned by Snapping Shoals EMC on the member’s premises has a specific capacity and, for this reason, it shall be the responsibility of the member to notify Snapping Shoals EMC before any change is made in the load characteristics or in the purpose or location of his/her wiring and equipment.  Failure to give such notice may render the member liable for any damage to meters or accessories, as well as transformers, wires or other equipment of Snapping Shoals EMC, caused by any changes.

Snapping Shoals EMC will have the right to disconnect service without notice upon determining that the member has installed equipment or has caused a situation that adversely affects Snapping Shoals EMC’s ability to provide normal service to its other members, and further, the service will not be reconnected until Snapping Shoals EMC is satisfied that the condition has been corrected.

Resale of Energy
Electric energy and capacity delivered to the member’s premises will not be resold.

It will be the member’s responsibility to see that all necessary forms are properly executed and necessary fees paid in connection with his or her request for electric service. These forms include a signed membership application with appropriate ID, additional connection application, underground service application and right-of-way easement.  In addition, the member may be required to secure right-of-way agreements from other individuals if it is necessary for Snapping Shoals EMC to cross other properties in order to bring service to the member.

Termination of Service
Members who are not under specific contract who wish to discontinue service must give at least two (2) regular working days’ notice to that effect.  Notice to discontinue service prior to the expiration of the contract term will not relieve the member from any minimum or guaranteed payment under any contract or rate.

Paying of Bill
As outlined in policies 315. Billing and Collecting and 325. Disconnection of Service.

Annual Meeting
Snapping Shoals EMC bylaws provide that each membership is entitled to one vote at its annual meeting.  Therefore, each member has a right and responsibility to attend the annual meeting of the members, at which time board members are elected and reports of the previous year and any other pertinent business which may come before the meeting are presented.

Reporting Outages and/or Trouble
If service is interrupted or not satisfactory, or any hazardous condition is known to exist, it will be the obligation of the member to notify Snapping Shoals EMC of such existing condition.  If the member’s electric service fails, the member will first determine if there are blown fuses, tripped breakers, or if member’s equipment is at fault before notifying Snapping Shoals EMC.  If a serviceman is dispatched at the member’s request and it is determined that the member’s equipment is at fault, the member may be charged a fee for the service call.

Any vandalism involving any Snapping Shoals EMC equipment should be immediately reported to a Snapping Shoals EMC office so that appropriate action can be taken.

Reporting Adverse Right-of-Way Conditions
If at any time the member becomes aware of a condition along the rights-of-way of Snapping Shoals EMC that requires attention to maintain dependable service, Snapping Shoals EMC should be notified immediately so that corrective steps can be taken. Examples of such conditions are: leaves being scorched as a result of touching the wires, actual arcing of electricity when the wind blows, limbs growing into the wires, and/or trees rubbing a conductor.

Right of Access
Employees of Snapping Shoals EMC will have access at any time to the member’s premises for the purpose of reading meters and testing, repairing, removing, inspecting or exchanging any or all equipment belonging to Snapping Shoals EMC.


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