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EMC Security Offers Affordable Option for Home Security

DIY Self-Install Security System makes protecting your home easier than ever

EMC Security

Go to any home improvement store and it's easy to find plenty of inspiration for do-it-yourself projects. But, did you know a home security system could be your next DIY project?
DIY home security systems are among the most affordable security systems on the market and popular among today's consumers.
Many homeowners are choosing to protect their home and family with a DIY self-install security system for several reasons. Among the most popular are affordability, convenience and ease of installation.
EMC Security's Connect+ DIY Home Security offers fast and easy installation, a sleek design that can be customized for your home, and an advanced mobile app with automated controls. In addition to saving you money, this system can be set up in minutes and comes with what EMC Security is most famous for: 24/7 professional monitoring from $16.95 a month, no contract options, award winning local customer service and technical support.
With two systems to choose from, the Connect+ System from EMC Security is an easy and affordable option to help secure your home: 1. Connect+ TouchPad System will secure three entrances, your main living space, and includes an intuitive touchscreen keypad with wall or table mounting.
2. The Connect+ Fundamentals System is designed for smaller homes, townhouses, and apartments, and will protect two entrances, your main living space and comes with a portable keypad.
You can add the convenient mobile app to control your security system and other home-automation systems from anywhere in the world.
To order a DIY security system, call EMC Security at 770-963-0305 or purchase online at Use coupon code "20" and save 20 percent.