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Let's Talk About Natural Gas

Partner program offers SSEMC members real savings

It is not often that we talk about natural gas. Having recently completed the first year of our partner program with Walton Gas - we thought it was a good time to share an update. Snapping Shoals and Walton Gas created the program last spring to help our members save money on natural gas. In the first year of our partner program, Walton Gas has really delivered.
The natural gas business is very different than the electric business. For one, many people have a choice of their provider. With many different companies to choose from, sorting through the options isn't easy. Some providers are a part of a very large, national energy companies that operate in many states. One provider even has two different "Georgia brands." Despite selling the same exact product, the way they serve customers can be very different.
Secondly, the rate plans offered by the providers can be a little confusing, and sometimes, that is on purpose. "Introductory" rates, Fixed, Variable, 12 or 24-month terms add to the options. You also must remember to renew your plan periodically or risk moving to a much higher rate.
Walton Gas makes choosing a natural gas provider easy. They are a Georgia-based provider that will always offer straightforward, competitive rates. They put customers first and don't have hidden fees or "bait-and-switch" tactics we see from some of the others.
Walton Gas has consistently offered Snapping Shoals EMC members excellent value - averaging more than 10 cents per therm lower than the larger providers. Real savings that adds up! Trust Walton Gas to bring a community provider approach to your natural gas service. They are with you every step of the way.

Sign-up or switch your natural gas service to Walton Gas and see for yourself. Visit or call 678-639-3277 to join the family and start saving today.