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Operation Round Up

Operation Round Up

Our Operation Round Up program offers a way for members to help neighbors in need for what generally amounts to small change – whatever it takes to round up their power bill to the next dollar. Contributions range from a penny to 99 cents per month, an average of just $6 a year. But when all that change is added together, it’s truly amazing how much good it can do.

As a Round Up participant, your Snapping Shoals bill is simply rounded up to the next full dollar. For example, a bill for $87.80 would be rounded up to $88.00 and that 20 cents would be donated to the Operation Round Up.

The money raised is used to directly support social, charitable and civic programs in our community, as well as individuals in need of assistance. Your pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters collectively can add up to be used to support local emergency service providers, nurture a healthy lifestyle for the elderly, provide safe facilities for children and help a less fortunate family pay for medical expenses.

Operation Round Up funds are also used to help students with true financial need continue their education. A total of $25,000 in Round Up funds is set aside each year for education assistance.

All Operation Round Up requests are placed with the Snapping Shoals Electric Trust Board of Directors, an independent organization administered by a separate board of directors made up of community leaders who serve on a voluntary basis. The board, which meets every other month, evaluates all requests and works hard to make decisions about how the funds should be disbursed. For more information about Operation Round Up, please call 770-385-2737.

Scholarship Programs

Full instructions and eligibility requirements for all scholarships are included with each application form. For more information about scholarships, please call Leigh-Anne Burgess at 770-385-2888.

Snapping Shoals EMC J.E. Robinson Memorial Scholarships

The Snapping Shoals EMC Scholarships were created in 1993 to recognize the achievements of outstanding high school students throughout our area. In 2004, we renamed them the Snapping Shoals EMC J.E. Robinson Memorial Scholarships in memory of our former manager, president and CEO J.E. "Ed" Robinson, who was at the helm of Snapping Shoals from 1953 to 1995.

Academic ability, financial need and other factors, such as school and community activities, are considered in the selection of the scholarship recipients. The Snapping Shoals EMC J.E. Robinson Memorial Scholarships are currently worth $2,000 each, and we typically award a total of 14 each spring.

Any high school senior whose primary residence is served by Snapping Shoals EMC, or whose high school is served by SSEMC, may apply.

Download the J.E. Robinson Memorial Scholarship Application

Bradley K. Thomas Scholarships

These scholarships are aimed at recognizing those students who go above and beyond in their extracurricular activities. These scholarships were the All-Around Student Scholarships and were renamed in honor of our former CEO, who retired in January. Involvement in school and community activities is the primary consideration for the All-Around Student Scholarship. Academic ability and financial need are also factors in the selection of the scholarship recipients. We will award eight $2,500 All-Around Student scholarships to high school seniors in 2021.

Download the Bradley K. Thomas Application

Washington Youth Tour and Scholarship

Washington Youth Tour logo

Snapping Shoals EMC awards an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington, D.C., plus a $500 college scholarship, to two high school sophomores or juniors in our area each year.

The three winners from Snapping Shoals EMC will join more than 100 other participants from across Georgia and about 1,400 other students from across the county in visiting our nation's capital. Participants visit historic sites, meet state and national leaders, experience government in action and take part in leadership-building activities.

Winners are chosen based on scholastic record, school activities, community service and other achievements. SSEMC Youth Tour Scholarships are awarded when participants begin college.

Watch the video below for more information about the Washington Youth Tour.

Download the Washington Youth Tour and Scholarship Application

Walter Harrison Scholarships

In addition to awarding our own scholarships, Snapping Shoals also participates in Georgia EMC's Walter Harrison Scholarship program. This is a statewide competition among high school seniors and college students of any age representing EMCs across Georgia. To apply for the Walter Harrison Scholarship through Snapping Shoals, you must reside in the household of, or be, a Snapping Shoals EMC consumer-member (electric customer) or employee.

The selection of the Walter Harrison Scholarship recipients is based primarily on academic achievement and financial need. The scholarships, which are worth $1,000, may be used for undergraduate studies at any two-year or four-year college or university in Georgia, including vo-tech schools.

Download the Walter Harrison Scholarship Application

Georgia High School Association

Along with other cooperatives throughout the state, Snapping Shoals is a sponsor for the Georgia High School Association(GHSA). We support not just the athletes at major events around the state, but the coaches as well. The Georgia EMC-sponsored Coaches' Corners provide a respite for team coaches to relax and refresh during these events.

Bright Ideas

Each fall, Snapping Shoals EMC awards grants to teachers from the schools that the electric co-op serves in Rockdale, Newton, Henry and DeKalb counties through the co-op's Bright Ideas program. The grants, which are allocated from the co-op's unclaimed capital credit funds, are designed to help teachers who wish to extend educational opportunities and activities for students by developing student interests and abilities.

Teachers have innovative ideas about how learning can be made more exciting, effective and interesting and how curriculum can be expanded to meet the needs of particular groups or individual students; however, resources are sometimes not available for special instructional opportunities. The Snapping Shoals EMC Bright Ideas grants are designed to assist teachers in the planning and implementation of these ideas.

Teachers should contact their county's board of education to apply for a Bright Ideas grant.