SSEMC Receives Clean Energy from New Nuclear Unit
Sunset over Plant Vogtle

Snapping Shoals EMC is now receiving safe, reliable, emission-free nuclear energy from Plant Vogtle Unit 3, which has reached commercial operation in Waynesboro, Georgia. Now in service, the new nuclear unit will provide Snapping Shoals EMC consumers with clean energy for the next 60 to 80 years.

“Snapping Shoals EMC serves our members with a diverse portfolio of safe, reliable, cost-effective and environmentally responsible power, and nuclear has become increasingly important in the transition to a cleaner energy future,” said SSEMC President/CEO Shaun Mock. “Nuclear is also considered one of the most reliable energy sources. With this new unit online and operating safely, I am proud that Snapping Shoals EMC homes and businesses will be powered by reliable, emission-free nuclear energy for decades to come.”

The commercial operation of Plant Vogtle Unit 3 marks a historic achievement for the energy industry, the state of Georgia and the entire country. As one of the largest clean energy projects in the nation, the Vogtle construction project represents the first advanced commercial nuclear project in the United States in more than three decades.

The existing units at Plant Vogtle, Units 1 and 2, have been providing safe, clean energy for Georgians for more than 34 years. Once Unit 4 reaches commercial operation, the final unit at the nuclear site, Plant Vogtle will become the largest producer of emission-free energy in the United States.